How Physical Therapy Can Help You Recover From Injury Or Surgery

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Whether you have just been injured or you’re just about to undergo surgery, it’s important to understand how physical therapy can help you recover. Not only can it improve your mobility, balance, and strength, but it can also reduce the length of your hospital stay.

Improve mobility, balance and strength

Keeping balance and mobility after injury or surgery can be a difficult task. It can affect your ability to perform daily activities and can limit your ability to participate in sports. You may also experience pain and discomfort from imbalance. Fortunately, these problems can be treated successfully.

A physical medicine or rehabilitation doctor can help with your initial assessment. They can also act as a coordinator. The doctor will ask about your symptoms and your day to day routine. Other questions may include your family history of neurological diseases and the effects of alcohol and other toxins on your health.

After you’ve been diagnosed, you should build a personalized plan to improve your balance. This plan can also include strengthening exercises to support your spine, joints, and muscles. Balance exercises are a great way to increase strength and flexibility, which can help prevent falls.

If you fall, you can get broken bones and another TBI. Falling is the leading cause of TBIs. Make sure you use proper footwear and take steps to eliminate tripping hazards. Also, keep commonly used items within reach.

Reduce the length of the hospital stay

Physical therapy like la clinicasc cirugia may not be the first thing that comes to mind for a post op patient, but it can make a big difference in their recovery time and overall satisfaction.

A recent study of patients with a thoracic injury found that a physical therapy program may reduce the length of their hospital stay by nearly a day, which could mean the difference between making it home or going to the emergency room.

Similarly, the best treatment programs have been found to reduce the number of post op complications. For example, an improved chest wall post op care plan has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of pneumonia and ventilator associated mortality.

Another way to improve post op care is to implement early mobilization programs for patients with impaired mobility. Such programs are especially important for those undergoing thoracic surgery, which is a common procedure that involves a two to three day hospital stay. In addition to improving post-op recovery, such programs may reduce the incidence of falls in this population.

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